Elim Mining Incorporated is a private mineral resource company with headquarters in Reno, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona. Our company was incorporated under the laws of the province of British Columbia in April 2019 and is managed by mining executives with each having over 20 years of experience in mine operations and business.

We are engaged in the identification, acquisition, exploration, development and sustainable production of precious and base metal properties in well-known geographic regions with low geopolitical risk. The company seeks assets with significant potential for proven and probable mineral reserves. Elim’s main asset is located in Pinal County, Arizona, the Copper state of the USA.

The team has a history and reputation for strategically launching, revitalizing, and leading multi-million-dollar mining organizations to achieve tremendous growth and generate value for investors in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. The team has developed and mined projects in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Ghana.

People are the most important asset to Elim Mining. The Company endeavors to focus on three things in every community in which we operate: economic development, environmental protection, and social cohesion. While ensuring a thriving surrounding community, the health and safety of all employees and contractors is a top priority and is the “Elim Way”. Our employees and partners must hold consistent attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values of health and safety management in all functions of the company, as integral to efficient operations.

Management’s commitment to the environment states that all employees must adhere to all laws, guidelines, and policies that are intended to reduce, minimize, or make harmless any potential risks to ecosystems or environment.

Our approach towards the health and safety of our workforce is to continuously improve performance through implementing robust management systems and providing adequate training, safety incentive and occupational health programs.