Is Elim Mining publicly-traded?

Elim is a private company

How many Elim shares are outstanding?

As of July 12, 2019, Elim has x shares outstanding.

How many options and warrants are outstanding?

As of July 12, 2019, Elim has x options outstanding and x warrants outstanding.

What is Elim’s fiscal-year end?

Elim’s fiscal year end is xx

How do I buy Elim stock?

As a private company, shares may only be purchased through the company.

Who is the transfer agent for Elim?

As a private entity, there is no official transfer agent. Please contact Bennett Jones for related questions.

What is the Elim CUSIP number?

As a private entity, Elim does not have a CUSIP number.

When and where was Elim Incorporated?

Elim was incorporated in 2018, in Delaware, USA.

When is the Annual General Meeting for shareholders?

Is there an AGM planned?

Where are the Elim Offices?

Corporate Office:
Elim Mining Limited
1545 Industrial Way
Sparks, Nevada

Legal Head Office
Bennett Jones LLP
One First Canadian Place
3400-100 King Street West
Toronto, ON
M5X 1A4